Portable motorcycle wardrobe and Pitbike

In the last months, we have noticed increasing customer demand from the pitbike sector. That's no coincidence, because pitbike and MENITO Moto have a lot in common: spontaneity, high flexibility and compactness.​

Whether on the sliding door, on the roof rails or on the bicycle carrier - there is always a suitable place for our MENITO Helmet Rack. It is therefore the ideal equipment for a spontaneous pitbike weekend to store your protective clothing compactly and neatly.

Thereby you're always ready for the next turn, with a dry helmet!

A great example of a flexible application by geissi15. He uses our MENITO Premium Helmet Rack to store and dry his motorcycle clothing when pitbiking, for example at the Minibike Swiss Championship.

In the Minibike Series 190 Stock, geissi15 is currently ranked 4th - in Moncalieri he was able to secure his first podium with the 2nd rank.


Our motorcycle wardrobe with the flexible rack hanger is ideal when you are on the road.