Finally your motorcycle clothing gets the care and the attention it deserves

Your motorcycle clothing is usually humid after a ride, sometimes even wet - due to the sweat that your body secretes while riding, or you have been out in the rain. In order to get this moisture out of your clothing, you should store it in a way that it can dry properly.

Thus, it is important that your protective clothing: 

  • is hung up in a room where it is dry
  • is placed in such a way that air can circulate

At the same time you want to avoid that your gear: 

  • is simply folded and stored
  • is being hung directly in a closet where it cannot vent

Many bikers, including me back then, are looking for an improvised solution for storing their motorcycle clothing. In fact, I converted a satellite dish into a holder back then. There I could store my helmet and hang up a coat hanger. Unfortunately, this solution was neither functional, nor practical, nor neat at all. I asked myself: Why should I hang up a €500+ helmet on a sharp satellite dish and risk it falling down or getting damaged?

Our products are used to store any type of motorcycle clothing. Not only a classic leather suit can be stored safely and neatly. Your motorcycle trousers or motorcycle jacket can also be easily hung up with a coat hanger.

With the MENITO Moto Helmet Racks your safety gear

  • is safely stored
  • is hung up in such a way that the clothing can dry/ventilate well
  • and beautifully staged at the same time

Our MENITO Premium Helmet Rack even offers the possibility to dry your motorcycle helmet faster with the integrated fan. 

Finally your motorcycle clothing gets the care and the attention it deserves.